Cysts, tumors, and other lesions of the mouth can be detected by clinical examination and/or radiographically during early stages. A routine oral cancer screening examination is always performed at our clinic at initial consultations. In the case of finding any pathology, in our clinic we can either take a sample (biopsy), or remove the entire pathology as needed.

A biopsy involves the removal of a piece of a suspicious tissue, which is then sent to a pathology laboratory for a microscopic examination that will accurately diagnose if there is any problem. The biopsy report not only helps establish a diagnosis, but also enables the doctor to develop a specific plan of treatment.

A biopsy is recommended when a clinical examination is not enough to diagnose a lesion; when a lesion does not respond to conservative treatment; when a lesion is thought to be pre-malignant; or when the lesion interferes with function and esthetics.

A biopsy could be incisional or excisional.

  • Incisional biopsy is the surgical removal of only a part of the lesion for the purpose of the microscopic examination by the pathologist. Once the diagnosis has been made, it might be necessary or not to remove the rest of the lesion.
  • Excisional biopsy is the surgical removal of the entire lesion with a margin of clinically uninvolved tissue to then be sent to the pathologist for microscopic evaluation to determine the diagnosis and treatment.

In our clinic we not only use conventional biopsy techniques but also laser technology when applicable.

We collaborate with some of the very best pathology labs in Greece, to ensure the highest quality of diagnostic results for all of our patients.